Morocco is a mysterious and unexplored kingdom on the edge of Africa, ideal for a year-round holiday.

Desert tours in morocco will give you a unique opportunity to breathe in the scent of the clear Atlantic Ocean, find yourself in the endless Sahara desert, and feel the greatness of the Atlas Mountains!

And small narrow streets with snake charmers, Mehendi masters, and aromatic cafes with Arabic spicy food give this place a special entourage and atmosphere.

Desert tours in morocco in addition info

This country is not like any other Arab country, therefore, when planning your desert tours in morocco with any tour company, we advise you to pay special attention to it! And there are a lot of hotels here and for every budget.

It has long been loved by regular tourists from Western Europe, but for our tourists, this is still an unknown destination.

What do Europeans love and value so much in the Maghreb world? And what awaits us in our first sign of this colorful and expressive country? Let’s see together! 

Why Choose desert tours in morocco?

1. An ocean of indescribable beauty, which waves and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow.

Morocco Tours

2. Wide beaches with the most delicate sand of the Sahara.

3. Delicious national food (you should try seafood and mint tea).

4. In summer, the temperature is very comfortable, it does not rise above 30 degrees, and a fresh breeze always blows from the ocean.

5. In desert tours in morocco, there are no sandstorms, which often happen, for example, in the same Egypt. Their absence is due to the high Atlas Mountains, which protect the country from the winds.

6. Flight from Europe – Agadir or Marrakech no longer than 5 hours! depends on which Country in EUROPE

7. Safety of stay in the country and hospitality of residents. The country is ruled by the royal family from year to year, so order and security are monitored in desert tours in morocco at the highest level.

8. Regarding souvenirs and gifts, be sure to bring the national gray wine and delicious ripe dates. Girls will appreciate argan oil, precious for hair and body! And leather goods for that kind of money can only be bought in Morocco!

9. And just because a selfie with a kind camel against the background of the ocean will get you a lot of likes! 🙂

Visa for Morocco

Getting a visa to the country is not required for European Countries and North American Countries and most in Asia and South America


The best desert tours in morocco Agadir is the most popular and warmest resort in the country! It is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the Su Valley, and the High Atlas Mountains protect it from the hot winds of the Sahara  desert tours in morocco.

Today Agadir is the epicenter of drive and fun.

The city will offer its guests bars and nightclubs for every taste, colorful hookah bars, restaurants of all cuisines of the world, including national.

There are no problems with alcohol either. It is everywhere! Also, the rest in Agadir is one of the most convenient due to the close location of the airport.

Transfer from the airport to the hotel is minimal in time. Therefore, this resort is suitable for both a fun active company of young people and families with small children. 


Desert tours in morocco Marrakech is the heart of the Moroccan East, one of its most beautiful crimson cities. It is an amazing combination of the medieval city and French charm.

If looking in desert tours in morocco on vacation, you want to bring home some exotic contraption, it is best to go to Marrakech for souvenirs because this city stands at the intersection of trade routes: this is the last stopover point for Saharan caravans carrying ivory, ebony, outlandish animals and spices. And if suddenly you want to visit Madonna’s villa, they also come to this ancient town. 


Casablanca is one of the largest cities in desert tours in morocco, the business center of the country. The city has a new and an old quarter.

The new one houses tall skyscrapers and wide avenues, while the old one is a web of streets winding between old houses and colorful national markets.

The Corniche is an area of ​​luxury hotels and villas. The best desert tours in morocco During the day, vacationers stroll along with it imposingly, and with the onset of darkness, it turns into a center for nightlife.


The best desert tours in morocco Essaouira is a charming town with Moorish architecture, similar to the settlements in southern Spain. Blue and white houses are crowded close to each other.

The city has three main quarters: Arab, European and Jewish. Since the 1960s of the last century,  Best desert tours in moroccoEssueira has been chosen by representatives of bohemians – musicians, writers, artists.

The resort has a well-developed entertainment infrastructure, many bars, and restaurants, and windsurfing competitions are held annually.


Fez is another ancient city, remote from the coastline and saturated with an oriental flavor. There are two Old Towns at once, a thousand winding streets, more than two hundred mosques, and the same number of hammams.


Rabat is a modern business center of the Kingdom of desert tours in morocco. The city surprises its guests with its peculiar architecture, which is a mixture of Europe and the East.


Meknes – “City of a hundred minarets”, the city, it seems, with every brick of its buildings exudes bliss, unhurriedness, and self-esteem.

Morocco landmarks

Legzira Beach is a kilometer of picturesque coastline where you can meet surfers and local fishermen. The stone arches over the deserted beach have been formed over the years by the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Rocky cliffs here take on bright orange or even terracotta colors, casting the metallic shades of the ocean. 

It should also be noted that the Kingdom of desert tours in morocco is a former colony of France. The French left a piece of their culture here. Therefore, the level of service here is European!

There are a large number of hotels with different leisure concepts. Most desert tours in morocco companies would have chosen the most demanded and high-quality hotels for you.

In these hotels, you have a priority place when checking in with children of different ages, additional bonuses, and compliments from hotels.

Rates for accommodation with families are the lowest on the travel market due to lucrative contracts and established relationships with partners in desert tours in morocco directly without intermediaries.

And active people will also like our interesting and sometimes even extreme tours around the country, hiking, mountain skiing, or surf desert tours in morocco the ocean!

The best desert tours in morocco that is right for you is best chosen with the help of our experienced trained Morocco managers. They will patiently listen to all your wishes and provide you with high-quality informational advice.

Since desert tours in morocco Experts have been delighting their clients with this bright and colorful Morocco destination for several seasons!

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desert tours in morocco Departure and Pricing

Departing Trip name Days From Euro Rating
Every Week The Ultimate Tour of Morocco : Imperial Cities, North, Sahara Desert & Beyond 16 Days 1.300,00€
Every Week To The Top Of North Africa : 5 Days Hike to Mt Toubkal 5 Days 500€
Every Week The Essential Morocco : Imperial Cities, Sahara & Beyond 13 Days 999,00€