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Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and the country’s seventh-largest city, with a population of over 2 million people. It is located on the Atlantic coast in the western part of the country, about 80 km (50 mi) south of the city of Casablanca. Rabat is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. The city is home to a number of important historical and architectural sites, including the Hassan Tower, the Royal Palace, and the Chellah necropolis. The Hassan Tower, also known as Tour Hassan, is a minaret of an incomplete mosque, built in the 12th century, it’s considered one of the most important landmarks in the city. The Royal Palace is the official residence of the King of Morocco, and the Chellah necropolis is an ancient Roman ruin that features a mix of Roman and Moroccan architectural styles. Rabat is also a major administrative and political center of the country, with many government buildings and foreign embassies located in the city. The city is home to the Moroccan Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the residence of the Prime Minister. Rabat is also an important educational center, with several universities and research institutes located in the city, including Mohammed V University and the National School of Administration. The city has a diverse economy that includes industries such as agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing, as well as a growing service sector. Rabat is a blend of the old and the new, it’s a city that offers a rich cultural and historical heritage and a modern side with a vibrant nightlife and a variety of restaurants and cafes.
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